Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

We sell a wide range of commercial bean to cup coffee machines from manufacturers including Franke, La Pavoni, Faema, Gaggia and Necta

These machines are suitable for hotel, restaurant and café use as well in environments such as offices. There is an ever growing demand for serving better tasting coffee, in the office, for visitors and employees. The most popular machine for this application has proved to be the Franke Flair bean to cup coffee machine.

You can get a perfect cappuccino or caffe latte, at the push of a button, without needing to froth the milk or grind the coffee beans.

The Frank Flair will handle up to about 100 drinks a day. For busier outlets the Gaggia Concetto or the Faema X1 would be more suitable.

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The Franke Flair shown above (separate fridge unit is not shown).

Necta Koro Espresso Machine
Necta Koro Espresso Machine
  • Perfect for offices with up to 40 coffee drinkers
  • High capacity unit (up to 60 cups per hour) with options for bean to cup or instant coffee and fresh or freeze dried milk
  • Simple one button selection process
  • 8 push button selections + decaf
  • In-built water tank or can be mains plumbed
  • 33cm(w) x 50cm(h) x 52cm(d)
Gaggia Concetto Espresso Machine
Gaggia Concetto Espresso Machine
  • 150 cups per day
  • Removable brew head
  • Adjustable brewing unit for large cups
  • Manual steam arm
  • Fridge can be located under counter to save space
  • 37cm(w) x 61cm(h) x 53cm(d)