Disposable Cups and Cup Dispensers

Fill fresh juices & smoothies into our unlabelled eco friendly cups made from corn starch (PLA). They are clear and look like plastic but are not such a burden on the environment when disposed.

Cruz Disposable Cups

Disposable Cups

  • 10fl oz with flat straw lids
  • 12/14 fl oz fl oz with smoothie domed lids
  • 16 fl oz fl oz with smoothie domed lids
  • Clear straws
  • Cups 1000 per box
  • Lids 1000 per box
  • Straws 250 per box

The Cruz cup dispensers are an ideal way of storing disposable takeaway cups close to where they are needed. The dispensers handle both take-out coffee cups (foam,paper) and clear juice/smoothie cups. Made from stainless steel the dispensers make an attractive feature.

Cruz cup dispensers, elevator & gravity, dispense the following cup sizes:

  • Small – 69mm – 74mm
  • Medium – 78mm – 85mm
  • Large – 86mm – 92mm
  • Extra Large 92mm – 98mm

Flexibility - with a simple change of the gasket the cup size to be dispensed can be altered at anytime.

Cruz Elevator Cup Dispenser

Elevator Cup Dispenser

  • Inset counter cup dispenser
Cruz Gravity Cup Dispenser

Gravity Cup Dispenser

  • Wall mounted cup dispenser