Service, Maintenance & Legal Requirement

Coffee machines require regular servicing & water filters need replacing to ensure the good operation of the equipment. We recommend this should be done every 9-12 months.

There have been cases where coffee machine boilers have been known to explode causing injury.
It is a legal requirement to have boilers inspected annually by a qualified engineer. See fuller explanation below*.

Rich Coffee provides a complete service of servicing and maintenance to most brands of coffee machines, using our own factory trained engineers.

We provide a breakdown service, annual servicing & maintenance contracts, boiler inspections & extended warranties to coffee machine and grinders (subject to T&C).

Breakdowns & Water filters
Breakdowns can sometimes be solved over the ‘phone but if not, an engineers’ visit can normally take place within 24 hours and we have a 90% first visit fix rate.

Water Filters
We supply and replace calcium treatment water filters. These need to be replaced regularly and lime scale build-up, particularly in hard water areas, can cause considerable damage to the internal components of the coffee machine.

*Boiler Inspections
It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that any piece of equipment which has a pressure vessel (eg espresso machine  boiler) is tested once a year by a qualified person, in conjuction with an insurance inspector, to ensure that the equipment, the pressure vessel and the safety valve are working correctly.  Once this has been demonstrated to the satisfaction of the inspector then they will issue a certificate on behalf of the insurance company which states that the equipment has passed.  Your insurance company will normally ask that their inspector is present but we can arrange this on your behalf. The current certificate should always be kept on site with the machine.

Gaggia coffee machine and cups