Yogurt Machines

YogCruz frozen yogurt is an ideal way to jump on to a new concept which is sweeping the United States & the UK.

The advantage of the YogCruz concept is that you do not need an expensive soft scoop ice cream machine which occupies valuable counter space.

Our frozen swirl dispensers are smaller and cheaper & have been specifically designed to dispense a high quality yogurt which can be added to in many ways.

Available in vanilla & chocolate flavours, servings can be topped with slices of fresh strawberry, kiwi, raspberry, cherries, blueberries, pineapple etc.,
Or add honey flavoured granola for the crunchy effect. The variety of toppings is endless!

YogCruz Yogurt Machine

YogCruz Frozen Swirl Dispensers

  • Single & Double 6 litre bowls
  • Clear bowls & stainless steel finish
  • Single 26cm (w) x 42.5cm (d) x 65cm (h)
  • Double 45cm (w) x 43.5cm (d) x 65cm (h)
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Yogcruz frozen yogurt

Yogcruz frozen yogurt